Outsourcing Your IT

            Outsourcing Your IT

 It seems to be the buzz word amongst smaller businesses at the moment: outsourcing. There is no doubt that the development of technologies that enable us to contact each other on the move has led to many changes in business practice
For small to medium businesses, IT support has often been seen as a necessary evil. It is either a time consuming do-it-yourself job or there is a need to employ someone who knows what they are doing. Added to that is the worry whether the person running your IT is competent and aware of the latest developments.
Even if you have a good on site IT expert, there is a limit to what one person can achieve and keep up with. Technology and data management is evolving so rapidly now that it is often beyond a single person to keep track of
Greater connectivity has given rise to remote managed IT services. Outsourcing your IT support has never been easier but there are a few questions you should ask yourself before you go ahead and take the plunge.
* How much does it cost ? 
* How do I know if the company is any good ? 
* Will I be protected ?

The benefit of outsourcing your IT support:

The truth is that data is becoming far too complex and difficult to manage in house unless you have the budget and a big team of IT experts. It is the primary reason why many organisations are now turning to managed IT services.
* Outsourcing your IT support can reduce your overall IT costs
* The risk is shared with your outsourced IT support who can concentrate on the latest technological advances and protect your systems from attack.
* You will free up resources. Small and medium business IT support forms a significant part of budgets. Freeing that up can provide a boost to future product development and expansion.
* Access to a greater level of expertise. Outsourced managed IT services normally employ a range of highly skilled staff who can answer most questions and keep your system up and running.
* For small businesses, often trying to handle IT issues can detract from what you are supposed to be doing - running your business. Outsourcing not only frees up capital, it frees up time too.
The risks of outsourcing
 If you outsource your IT support to a reputable service with a good track record, the risks are nominal and the benefits by far outweigh them.
How to choose managed IT services
As with many services it pays to shop around. You are looking for a company that can demonstrate a range of experience and has a good reputation in the IT arena.
* Do they offer a bespoke solution to your IT needs or are they trying to burden your business with a one-size-fits-all plan
* Are they sourcing the best software and hardware at the right cost ?
* Can they deliver on time and within budget ?
Outsourcing your IT support is probably one of the most important things you will do and, if you choose the right provider, it could be a great move for your business and take you to a whole new level.
M2 Computing manages and delivers a complete IT solution service for small to medium business 
clients. Designed to fit with the individual needs of each business, M2 Computing become their clients' virtual IT department. This ranges from consultants - who aid planning, strategy and design, to support staff and technical engineers. Using technological expertise and proven systems, M2 Computing is able to service clients quickly and effectively allowing them to focus on their core business.

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